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A Shared Mission to Strengthen Air Medical Membership Benefits
Since 1996, the Association of Air Medical Membership Programs (AAMMP) has provided a forum for nonprofit air medical providers to extend reciprocal membership benefits to their individual subscribers, thus making air medical services more affordable and accessible to the communities that rely on them.

Greater Peace of Mind through Reciprocity

Through membership reciprocity, AAMMP is able to offer a much larger benefit service area to subscribers of each partner program. If an AAMMP air medical provider transports a patient who belongs to another partner’s membership program, the patient’s membership will be honored for medically necessary transports (subject to the reciprocating program’s membership terms).

The Added Value of AAMMP Partnership
AAMMP partner programs also benefit from an exchange of ideas and best practices for membership administration, marketing and education. By helping to develop successful, self-sustaining membership programs, AAMMP supports the continued viability of its nonprofit air medical affiliates and the tens of thousands of patients they serve each year.

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